Class 1

Week ending 30th November
In Y1 we have been continuing the saga of Monty the Penguin and have been looking at emotive language and how to persuade Father Christmas to send Monty a friend. The children have really been estending their language ready to write a letter to Father Christmas. I wonder if we'll get a reply?
In maths Y1 have been focusing on subtraction, thinking about how many are left.
In geography we have been looking at the location of our school, using google maps, which is great fun! We have also looked at our school address structure, perfect for our letter writing.
As a whole class we have been looking at another one of Van Gogh's paintings, Starry Night. We have started with watercolours to create the night sky and we are slowly adding the details.
To fully immerse yourself in the picture, have a look at this amazing idea. The children absolutely love it!