Class 1

Weekly Update: 18th-22nd June
Class 1 had a great start to the week with a visit to Just Rachel's Ice Cream Parlour. The children choose their ice cream and paid their £2.50. We all agreed it was delicious Ice Cream.
Y1 have now researched different recipes sop next week we will be attempting to make our own ice cream!
In maths Y1 have been looking at Fractions of shapes, thinking about 1/2 and 1/4 and being able to discuss how they know.
As a class we have continued to explore the book Poppy and The Blooms, delving more deeply into the book and answering questions where they answers might not be so obvious.
Class 1 did amazingly well on Sports Day. they all joined in and did their best at every race.
Our Forest School session was enjoyable as always. We talked about it being the longest day and how some people celebrate the summer solstice. We created a 'balance branch' and generally had a good time.