Class 1

Week ending 5th October.
As always the children have been working hard this week. Y1 have been continuing on their maths mastery journey and have been discussing one more and one less. They have to explain their answer and prove it to me. They are becoming good at reasoning.
They have though about the new setting for their story, describing it and we have been looking at the introduction and getting ready to write it.
In science we have been naming and labelling parts of the human body and recapping on grouping of animals.
Reception have continued to learn their phonic sounds and have been reading and writing simple 3 letter words. They have also drawn around a classmate and labelled the body.
On Thursday it was National Poetry Day and in Forest School we created some acrostic poems. The children had some great descriptions and even a simile. They will be on display in the classroom for you to read.
We lit our first fire in Forest School, the children remembered about safety and have also expressed an interest in doing some campfire cooking. FAB!