Class 2

22nd June 2018
This week, class two have been learning a range of mathematical skills. Year 2 have been adding and subtracting by counting in 10s and 1s, using 10p and 1p coins to help them. Year 3 have been adding and subtracting mentally using place value. They played a game of 100 tug of war to add and subtract quickly with a partner to get closer to either 100 or 0. Year 4 have started to learn how to calculate the area of a rectangle and square by multiplying the length of the long and short side of the rectangle together.
In Literacy, we have been working on imperative verbs to write instructions for caring for a pet. They also explored the writing technique 'show not tell'. The children had to show a young girls excitement about getting a new pet through what she was doing and what she looked like, rather than say how she is feeling. We were blown away by the sentences the children created, such as 'she ran with ultimate joy running through her veins', 'she was grinning from ear to ear' and 'she skipped down the stairs, so quickly her knees were nearly touching her chin - she was so full of beans!'.
We have also been focussing on the football world cup this week and the teams involved. The children have been completing a research booklet on a team of their choice. We have booklets on Argentina, Portugal, England and Japan to name a few.