Class 2

13th July 2018
Class Two have been focusing on poetry in Literacy this week. We have been looking at a variety of monster themed poems and identified rhyming words and similes within them. The children then wrote their own monster simile poem based on a monster that lives in a matchbox. We went on to create our own matchbox monster and are working on monster themed adjectives and verbs to create a new poem for them. 
We continued with this theme in art and design by creating our own matchbox monsters out of clay and using cuboid nets to make our own matchboxes for them to live in.
In science, we have been planning an investigation based around the question: Where does a toy car travel best? The children shared the predictions about which surfaces a toy car would travel best on by applying their knowledge of friction and the impact that can have on speed. We are looking forward to carrying out the investigation next week.