Class 2

Thursday 11th October 2018
It was great meeting so many parents at parents evening on Tuesday. I look forward to meeting up and discussing your children's progress and how we can best support them during the year.
The children have enjoyed learning their times tables, singing and dancing, along with football club mascots, on the BBC Super Movers website. The children also practised their times table using TT RockStars. If you would like your child's log in to use at home please let me know. 
In Science the children have been pleased to see some of their beans are growing and in music they really enjoyed playing the xylophones.
Thursday 4th October
The children have had another great week of writing linked to the story of Hansel and Gretel. This morning, I suggested that we should finish our writing at break time and continue on Monday as they had written so much and must have tired hands from writing . The children asked if they could continue after break because they were having so much fun and voted in favour of continuing. They were rightly proud of having written the story, a lot of the children had included speech (with punctuation) and many children had written more than a side of A4.  The children have achieved a lot in Maths developing fluency adding and subtracting to 10 and adding and adding and subtracting multiples of 100 which they then used in reasoning and problem solving work.
Some beans are growing better than others but the children are keeping careful records in their bean diaries. We have set up another fair test to explore what is the best environment to grow beans.
On Friday afternoon the children have started Apple Friends sessions with Miss Blewitt and have been discussing what words they can use to express feelings. 
Thursday 27th September
We have enjoyed another busy week in class 2. The children were really excited to meet Clinton Purnell, the gymnast, and showed great stamina doing spotty dogs, star jumps, press ups and leg drives.  The children have enjoyed learning and telling the story of Hansel and Gretel. It was great to see the enthusiasm with which they told and then wrote the story. We will continue to develop and develop our own versions of the story over the next week.  Our Maths this week has provided a real challenge but the children are beginning to read and grapple with really complex 3 part questions.
In science we started growing beans and will observe and record their growth. We have been exploring the needs of settlements in our topic work. 

Friday 21st September

Over the past two weeks the children in class two have continued to impress me with their positive attitude to learning and team work.

In Literacy, we have been writing descriptions of character and setting. I have been particularly pleased with the children’s response to my challenge for them to write more and the way they are giving each other feedback and using this to improve their work. Two children have written and shared book reviews they wrote at home with the class, which was great. In Maths, the children have a greater understanding of the number system and place value which they are applying to problems.

We have been learning about maps and the globe in our topic. The children have been learning about seed dispersal and have enjoyed looking for different types of seeds. In Computing we have been learning about the need for precise instructions (algorithms) in order to write code . We wrote and then improved instructions for someone else to draw a monster. This is shown really clearly in the photo of the pictures they drew.

6th September 2018
Class Two have mad a great start to the year. The children have been writing and drawing postcards describing what they did over the summer holidays. I have been pleased to see that the children are working really hard to present their work beautifully.
We have all enjoyed our class reading book, Flat Stanley and are working hard at our reading skills so we will be able to enjoy reading more exciting books both individually and in groups.
Our topic this term is What a Wonderful World. Today, we produce a whole class piece of art inspired by the song by Louis Armstrong. The children used and experimented by mixed primary colours.

Thursday 11th October 2018

It was good to meet so many parents on Tuesday evening. I look forward to meeting you to share ideas about your children’s progress and how we can best support them during the uear.

The children enjoyed learning their times tables, singing and  dancing along with football mascots on the BBC’s Super Movers website. They also played games on TT Rockstars. I’ve have typed details for any parents who don’t have their child’s log in for TT Rockstars. The children have continued to record the growth of their beans and how the beans are growing in different conditions. The children showed great progress in lesson using xylophones on Thursday.