Class 2

Class 2 have loved learning about dinosaurs and the stone age in our topic this term. The children managed brilliantly in getting their mouths round the complicated names of dinosaurs to learn The Dinosaur Song which they performed in assembly and to parents at our launch. The children have explored drawing on pieces of paper under tables to understand some of the difficulties stone age people must have encountered when painting in caves and finally used pastels to produce some lovely replica cave artwork. We have learnt about how the continents of the world were all joined as Pangea in the time of dinosaurs, explored a map of the United Kingdom to find where dinosaur fossils were discovered and mad top trump cards recording the relative strengths of different dinosaurs.
Many children have brought in their own rocks and fossils and we have to carried out experiments on different rocks to find out how they react to vinegar ( a mild acid), how hard they are and how porous they different rocks are. The children are learning how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed. This was all brought to life by a brilliant and fascinating afternoon when Joseph's grandad brought in his own collection and shared his knowledge about rocks and fossils.
In English we have been reading Stone Age Boy which has been a catalyst for the children's writing. They have written instructions to make stone age tools and weapons and are writing an information book all about the Stone Age.
In maths we have used lots of practical equipment to enhance our understanding of the number system and place value.
We're looking forward to our next book, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and learning how life changed during the Iron Age.