Class 3

In Class Three we had a great discussion around 'Internet Safety' and what we can do to stay safe online. We discussed the different, Apps, games and websites we all go on and how we need to be careful when we use them, ensuring we use them sensibly and safely. 
In English, we edited and improved our narrative in small focus groups, allowing us to look at 1 particular area of English at a time. We then published our narratives as our final piece. 
During Maths, the year 4 children have moved onto fractions and we have been exploring what a fraction is. The year 5 children have been subtracting mixed fractions and have moved onto multiplying fractions, whilst the year 6 children have been learning about algebra, answering a range of questions and creating there own to challenge their peers and the adults at school!
For History (WW2), we explored rationing and the impact of rationing. We compared this to the modern day and how we would feel if we had to ration our food.