Class 3

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope


Autumn Term
This term, our class topic is 'Being Human'. We are focusing our attention during the first part of the term on 'Significant Figures in History'; Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, The Suffragettes, Martin Luther King and David Attenborough. We started the year off by learning about the artists Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci; using their artwork as inspiration for our own. In our writing, we are using the book Treason, following a young boy and his insight into King Henry the VII's life, to support our writing process. We will also be exploring how we can be kind to ourselves and what we can do when we find things tricky, and how w can live a healthy balanced lifestyle. 
Spring Term
We started this term by looking at the picture book, 'The Dot', which looks at the idea of resilience and how with a positive mindset can change how we feel about ourselves. We also started looking at Bible stories to recreate the cross in the hall. The children worked extremely hard on this and created a fantastic display of art around the Bible Stories. 
This term in Class Three, we are focusing our creative curriculum around 'The Amazing Americas'. Linking this to our English through The Day of the Dead, we will create a website based on the knowledge we have gained during computing, researching and writing all about this event within the American calendar.