School Development Priorities

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope


As a good school we reflect carefully on our successes and areas that we need to improve upon and conduct an in depth self evaluation exercise. We then look at moving forward and what we need to do to achieve this in practice, taking into account and balancing school needs and finances. 
These are our main priorities for this year(2019-20):
Focus on reading and developing a strong, cohesive approach to this. We want to have a clear 'language' of teaching reading across the school and are working to build a new approach that has a commonality of language, using Decode, Explain, Retrieve,Interpret and Choice. We are working in partnership with another school on this and are using a research based model this year to see how this works in practice. 
Prioritise our children and adult's mental health, working as a part of the Gloucestershire Trailblazer Project to provide better mental health support to our community. We recognise the importance of good mental health and well-being. As a Church of England School this should be our life blood and mental health and well-being are high up on the Church of England's agenda. School are using their Mental Health and Well-being: Towards a Whole School Approach to learn from and look to supporting human flourishing and fullness of life. The Gloucestershire of Diocese have supported our local benefice in securing a children and families pastoral worker, who is going to support us all in school to develop our provision. 
Improve our teaching of RE, using what we have learnt from our Journey of Writing and what we are learning through Reading to develop our children's skill in exploring belief, spirituality, morality, difference and diversity. We will be working with the Diocese of Gloucester on this and a cluster of local schools. We are open and keen to learn from others and share the successes we enjoy. 
Empowering and investing in our middle leaders, so that we have a teaching team who have time, passion and drive to make improvements. Leadership have invested in a specialist support consultant to work with our teachers as CPD and another pair of eyes to assist in monitoring and gain children's views on learning from an objective perspective. This year, some of the things middle leads are focusing on are investigative science, mental health, computing and school council. 
We are looking carefully at our spelling, as this is still an area of weakness for our children. We are looking at different approaches and are looking to see children apply the spellings they are learning in discreet sessions to their writing in context. Presently we are using Read, Write, Ink, but are looking at how to get this embedded and making an impact on learning in books. 
Investing in our Bromesberrow Curriculum, building connectivity across all subjects, so that children are able to see the relevance and 'point' to learning. We need our subjects to have clear progression on their own, but also be inter connected and have a common theme. We are refocusing our curriculum to have an enquiry led approach, whereby we see learning from the perspective of the learner, being historians, theologians, linguists, musicians...
We have a strong Mastery Maths vision at Bromesberrow, but this is continuing to develop to focus on ensuring those most able mathematicians are able to work at a deeper level.