Class 2

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope

It's amazing to think that we have only been back in school for 6 weeks. It seems ages ago that we started the term in the hall. We are now settled back in the classroom and are having lots of fun and laughter whilst taking on the challenges of year 2 and 3 learning.

In English we started the term learning the story of Rapunzel. The children learnt to tell the story off by heart with actions and developed more confidence in their writing activities linked to the story. We are now reading Stone Age Boy. We have been detectives finding out what it must have been like in stone age times from events and pictures in the story. We found out that they made spears with straight sticks and stones and clothes with animal skins and bone sewing needles.  After trying out our version of these activities the children wrote instructions.

We have used lots of practical equipment in Maths to gain confidence and skills reading, writing, counting and ordering numbers. We are now working on addition and subtraction.

The children are developing skills using coding programs on purple mash. The year two children have been thrilled when the algorithm blocks (instructions) they have input have made planes, take off, crash and make appropriate noises. The year 3 children have used more complicated timings and  sequences of events to make monkeys jump and eat bananas. 

Our science work is linked to our topic work on the stone age where the children are observing, grouping and carrying out experiments on different types of rocks. In art with Mrs Meek they have linked their work to RE learning about the biblical creation story and cave drawings from the stone age (including drawing under the table to imagine the difficulty drawing on a cave wall in the dark. 

I have been so impressed by the children's teamwork this term. This has been particularly evident in Music and PE where the children work brilliantly in groups and teams.

As I'm sure everyone at the harvest service would agree all the children performed confidently and read lines beautifully in our short harvest play.