Class 2

The children in class 2 made a wonderful return to learning back in school. Thank you to all parents and grandparents who have ensured that we have had such good attendance. From the first day back we challenged the children to be organised, independent, as well as being supportive to others. They have been amazing in all these areas which has resulted in a lovely atmosphere in the class and great progress in their learning.
In English we have focussed on telling, acting and writing the story of Hansel and Gretel. The children have gone on to develop their own stories using the original story as a stimulus for this. I was really proud of their writing and pleased to see that they are using the handwriting and spelling skills that we are practising every day. 
Another big focus for the term has been reading. As well as reading their individual reading books and  online reading on Purple Mash and Bug Club the children have enjoyed discussing and answering questions on our guided reading books - The Butterfly Lion, Spacebaby and Dogs Can't Do Ballet.
In Maths we have continued to learn, revise and extend learning about fractions, multiplication and division. We have spent lots of time using practical equipment and using mathematical language. It has been pleasing to hear improvements in how the children are explaining their answers.
The children have loved being able to get outside to practise tennis skills and play the warm up and fitness games that are much easier on the playground than in a team meeting. The children have enjoyed gymnastics lessons and practising their skills on gym mats has been one of their favourite activities at play and lunch time.
In Science the children have continued to learn about plants, flowers and growing and plant reproduction. This was supported in the animation they made of plants growing. The children have continued to learn coding skills and used programs to support other subjects including designing and printing the nets for their Easter egg boxes.
The children have impressed us in assemblies with their knowledge of the Easter story that they learnt in RE lessons with Mrs Green. They have continued to build on their learning about different geographical features.
It seems amazing that we managed to cram so much in in four weeks.