Class 2


Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope


We are excited to welcome the children back to Class 2! Over the course of this term, we will share what we have been learning to give you a little taste of what we do in school. Over the coming weeks our first priority is to ensure children feel safe and happy in school, easing them back into learning and routine. 

Reaching for the Stars with Hope and Aspiration
February 2020
We have had a busy varied term. The children have enjoyed developing and writing their own stories inspired by Red Riding Hood and The Red Dragon of Wales.  Just before half term they really developed their skills identifying rhyming, alliteration and onomatopoeias  and used these to write poems about a whole variety of animals.
On Fridays the children have really enjoyed their art work with Miss Blewitt and produced superb pictures of wolves and dragons linked to our stories. These pictures are displayed on our board in the corridor.
The children have been using the internet and books to develop their geography skills both in our topic work and reading with Mrs Hankin and Mrs Green. They have shown a really good understanding about the water cycle, how beaches are formed and how mountains are formed. They have used atlases to identify these on maps
We have had some great musical experiences this term. The children have loved playing 'Iwent to the Animal Fair' on our new ukeleles and had a great drumming session with Becky Davies.
We can't wait for visit to the Cotwold Wildlife park to develop our learning in science about animals and this will also trigger our non fiction writing about animals and where they come from.