Class 2

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope

During November and December the children in class 2 continued to learn, gain confidence, laugh and have fun in spite of all the challenges they had to overcome. They produced some beautiful pictures when Minty, an artist, visited and showed incredible skill using gold leaf. In music they sung beautifully and developed they're skills playing xylophones and glockenspiels. We continued to learn about and write about life in the stone age and the children carried out experiments on rocks and observed fossils in Science. As parents will have seen the children used shells to make their own model fossils. We learned about instructions whilst making Christmas biscuits and decorations.

I am sure those of you who managed to watch the Christmas performance, It's a Party,  enjoyed the children's wonderful singing, acting and acting. It was a pleasure working with them and the rest of the school practising and performing this.

This term the children have already enjoyed watching, discussing and writing about a meerkat film called Catch It. They are all gaining skills and understanding in our multiplication and division work in Maths. Yesterday we started playing the ukuleles and had great fun singing,  I went to the animal fair.