Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Development

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope


The Dfe guidance recognises that:


'Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education' (Dfe, 2013)


At Bromesberrow, we are determined that children achieve their 'potential without limitations' and ensure that our pastoral care supports our children so that they can work to overcome barriers to learning. It is important to us that children have a strong PSHE approach to develop their resilience and support their sense of wellbeing; as well as to provide them with the knowledge and tools to prepare them for life in modern Britain (supporting FBV and SMSCD). We are particularly mindful of the role our PSHE philosophy and practice affects those most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in our care.


We subscribe to the PSHE Association resources to support our whole school PSHE Approach. The PSHE Association scheme of work aims to:

 'develop skills and attributes such as resilience, self-esteem, risk-management, teamworking and critical thinking in the context of learning grouped into three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world (including economic wellbeing and aspects of careers education).'


Our PSHE programme across the school (at a glance):




Zippy's Friends (weekly)


Zippy's Friends (weekly)


PSHE Association Scheme

Apple's Friends (weekly)

Pink resources and PSHE scheme (to include SRE)

PSHE Association Scheme






 Zippy's Friends

Zippy’s Friends is a programme that helps young children - five, six & seven year olds - to develop coping and social skills. It is currently running in primary schools and kindergartens around the world. 

The programme has been developed specifically for five to seven year-old children of all abilities. It teaches them how to cope with everyday difficulties, to identify and talk about their feelings and to explore ways of dealing with them. It also encourages children to help other people with their problems.

Zippy’s Friends is based on extensive research and has been evaluated in many countries. It has also been endorsed by the World Health Organisation and national governments.

 Apple's Friends

Apple’s Friends is a school-based programme which helps young children to develop coping and social skills.  It is designed for 7-9 year olds and builds on the success of Zippy’s Friends, a similar programme for 5-7 year olds.

Further information on both of these programmes is available from the Children's Partnership website at:

Passport: Passport is a school based social emotional learning programme for 9 – 11 year olds. The programme is taught to the whole class by teachers trained in Passport in the UK and internationally.

As a part of our whole school cohesion in the curriculum we adopt an enquiry focus each term, e.g. being theologians, historians, geographers, artists, musicians, linguists... We believe that this creates better connectivity between the subjects, making learning more relevant to the children, so that they are inspired to 'reach for the stars' as a school team and personally.