Christian Values

Christian Values

It is our objective to educate pupils academically, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually within a school firmly based on Christian principles and to promote Christian Values within the school as exemplified by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ; with the intent to encourage in pupils core values for lifelong learning. Our school values are distinctly Christian and were chosen by our Christian Community based upon the needs of our unique Bromesberrow community. We draw inspiration and hope from their biblical roots:


Respect- 'In the Gospel of John, it is shared how Jesus got down and washed the feet of his disciples. He exclaimed that 'slaves are never greater than their masters and messengers are never greater than the ones who sent them' (13:16). The message is given that we should respect all people regardless of station. 


Motivation- When Jesus talks to the Rich, Young Man and then addresses his disciples (Matthew 19: 26-27), he shares the importance of motivation and living by the 12 Commandments. He encourages all people to give all that they have stating that 'with God all things are possible'.


Pride-God shows immense Pride in his Creation in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis (1:31), where he 'he looked at all he had made, and he was very pleased.'


Perseverance- Noah showed immense perseverance and faith in building an ark and filling it to God's instruction. God was so pleased with his perseverance and recognised that he was the 'only one in all the world, who does what is right' ( Genesis 7:1)


Cooperation-'So we built the wall. And all the wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a mind to work.' Nehemiah 4:6. Everyone combined forces to rebuild the wall, showing great cooperation and teamwork, working against the odds. 


Kindness- Seen in the 'Book of Jonah', where God shows great love and kindness to the people of Nineveh, by forgiving them for their sins and showing mercy. 


As a Church of England School, we promote Christian Values through :

  • Daily collective worship
  • Strong and effective RE and PSHE teaching and learning,
  • Our school environment
  • Visits to places of worship and other Church of England schools