School Uniform


All children in main school (not pre-school) are asked to wear school uniform. The colour of each item of clothing is important.  Uniforms can be purchased from:

Address:  Clubsport Ledbury, 24 The Homend, Ledbury, HR8 1BT

Opening Times: Mon-Fri   9.00-5.30

                          Saturday  9.00-5.00

Telephone:  01532 635242

or online at  www.clubsport.co.uk    email: info@clubsport.co.uk


Winter option

  • Mid Blue polo shirt
  • White or Grey Socks
  • Grey or navy tights
  • Grey or black trousers 
  • Grey or black skirt or pinafore
  • Navy sweatshirt or cardigan

Summer Option

  • Grey shorts
  • Blue and white checked dress

Games and PE Clothing

All children come to school in their P.E Kit on their day. 

  • Navy T Shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • Trainers (for outside)
  • Tracksuit bottoms in the winter
  • Girls wearing tights need to bring socks for PE




It is essential that all your child’s clothing is marked with his or her name to avoid confusion and loss


All pupils with hair long enough to be tied back must do so.  Please ensure that hairbands are simple and are blue or black in colour.  No large bows or big clips should be worn. 


Baseball caps and other headwear are allowed outside in the playground to protect children from sun and cold. These must not be worn indoors.

Jewellery and Watches

Watches may be worn but we cannot accept responsibility if they are misplaced or broken. We ask children not to wear jewellery. Earrings may not be worn during physical activity.  LA Health and Safety guidance states that no jewellery should be worn during P.E. or games.  Ideally children should remove earrings before coming to school on PE days.  Staff are not allowed to help with earing removal.


Large sports type school bags take up too much space in school and we ask that your child only has a small bag or school rucksack.  Children must have a book bag to keep school reading and library books clean.