Class 2

Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars 


This term, the children will be introduced to their topic of 'Prehistoric Adventures'! This will cover many different time periods, starting by looking at dinosaurs, before moving onto the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages and understanding how life was so different for humans then. 


We will also cover important Stone Age landmarks such as Stone Henge, Skara Brae and also visiting the Herefordshire Beacon (British Camp) to gather an idea of life in Herefordshire during these times. 


As scientists, we are looking into marvellous materials! We will begin by learning about the properties of materials and then applying this knowledge to group and compare a range of everyday materials familiar to the children. This will allow the children to know which materials are best suited for which purpose, for example rubber being a good material for tyres as it is strong. 


In guided reading, we are reading Stone Age-themed books. This will help to solidify everything we are learning in history! 


 Miss Davies and Miss Blewitt.