Class 2

Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars.


This term, the children will be introduced to their topic of 'Discovering the United Kingdom'! We will start by learning about the different countries, capital cities and regions within the UK before zooming in particularly on different physical and human features in different landscapes. We will particularly focus on Beechenhurst when we go for a class trip to complete a local study on Beechenhurst lodge and do the sculpture trail. Whilst we are here, we will learn a lot about different physical and human features in landscapes and how we know which ones are which, 


As scientists, our topic is 'Awesome animals, marvellous me!'

We will begin our topic by classifying animals into their different groups before learning about the life cycles of different animals and seeing how these vary from mammals to birds to amphibians. 


In guided reading, we are reading non-fiction atlas-themed books. Both atlas's are engaging and informative of different countries and landmarks within the UK (Y3) and around the world (Y2). 


 We are looking forward to a fun-filled term!

Miss Davies and Miss Blewitt.