School Development Priorities

Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars


As a good school, we reflect carefully on our successes and areas that we need to improve upon and conduct an in-depth self-evaluation exercise. We then look at moving forward and what we need to do to achieve this in practice, taking into account and balancing school needs and finances. Our SDP has been added to and adapt to reflect the needs of our school and children/ staff within.

These are our main priorities for this year:
Bromesberrow Curriculum to have an impact on engagement, attainment and progression. 
Investing in our Bromesberrow Curriculum so that we are seeing an impact on the children's engagement, attainment and progression, building connectivity across all subjects, so that children are able to see the relevance and 'point' to learning. We need our subjects to have clear progression on their own, but also be inter connected and have a common theme. We are refocusing our curriculum to have an enquiry led approach, whereby we see learning from the perspective of the learner, being historians, theologians, linguists and musicians etc. We are also working hard to support children to retain knowledge over time, so that learning is re-visited and built upon well. To support our children with additional needs, we are working hard to adapt learning further, so that they are able to access the curriculum well and make better progress. 
Development of Early Years curriculum to make strong progress 
Developing our Early Years curriculum, to provide a provision and environment where children love to learn and make excellent progress from their starting points. Through quality adult-child interaction, continuous provision and in the moment planning, we see our Early Years being able to invest and connect with the children's 'magical moments' to improve progression and their love for learning and we recognise this is in a process of development to best support the children. We feel we are so lucky with our outdoor space and are passionate in ensuring this is being capitalised as a resource to develop independent learning, resilience and their ability to risk take. With a quality start to their education, we feel our children will then be ready for the next stage of learning and can make better progress in the curriculum that is cumulative. 
Review impact on reading approach
Review the impact on reading and developing a strong, cohesive approach that is embedded across the school. We want to see a clear 'language' of teaching reading across the school and the new approach that has a commonality of language, using Decode, Explain, Retrieve, Interpret and Choice and this to be having a clear impact on the children's reading skills. We are also focusing in on fluency, what this looks like at Bromesberrow and the important role parents play in hearing their child read at home. 
Phonics and spelling teaching is consistent and improving children’s reading and ability to spell
Having invested in a new phonics scheme (Bug Club Phonics), school are working hard to improve the teaching in this area to be consistent and improve reading and spelling ability within the children. We are continuing to look at different spelling approaches within KS2, to see how the children apply their spelling learning into their writing and see impact on learning in books. 
Maths Mastery 
We have a strong Mastery Maths vision at Bromesberrow, but this is continuing to develop to support our own schools curriculum development in this area, to see consistent and impactful teaching of mathematics in particular in reasoning and problem solving. 
Quality RE teaching 
Improve our teaching of RE, through investing in the CPD of Understanding Christianity as a resource for teachers and exploring the assessment we use to ensure the children are making good progress. Throughout, focusing on developing our children's skill in exploring belief, spirituality, morality, difference and diversity with a well thought about curriculum for our school, in a hope that this enables our children to have a better sense of self and others to be successful and respectful members of the wider community as they grow up. We will be working with the Diocese of Gloucester on this and are open and keen to learn from others and share the successes we enjoy. 
Develop Collective Worship Team
As a school, we value the input our children give us in making our school community be successful, therefore we are developing our Collective Worship Team to be confident in taking ownership during our whole school gatherings and be independent in leading and supporting worship in Class 1. We feel keen in empowering our children to take ownership and share knowledge across the school. 
Mental Wellbeing 
Working as a part of the Gloucestershire Trailblazer Project we are working hard to provide better mental health support to our community. We recognise the importance of good mental health and well-being. As a Church of England School this should be our life blood and mental health and well-being are high up on the Church of England's agenda. School are using their Mental Health and Well-being: Towards a Whole School Approach to learn from and look to supporting human flourishing and fullness of life. We are investing in our curriculum, its design and CPD for staff in Lego training as a tool to support PSHE and intervention. As a school we first and fore most have the aims for children to:
* Be and feel safe
* Feel a sense of belonging 
* Connect with others (friends and adults)
Then we feel our children will be in a better position to learn successfully.