Welcome pack- Reception new Joiners

Welcome to Reception!
We have put together some documents we hope will be helpful for our new reception joiners.
Our regular school newsletter is your essential 'go to' place to keep up to date on things like PE days and Forest School days, as well as one off celebration events and activities. Our website also provides information on school uniform and lunches.  
1) Reception 'Prepare for School': this gives some indicators for school readiness. Although, we recognise that children are all different and that in some areas they may more advanced developmentally and find challenge in others. 
2) A day in the life of a Reception child: this gives you a little insight into what happens during the school day. This gives you times and practical information about snack time and PE.
3) Joining school letter. This gives you all the essential transition days for starting school and will be released on the website and sent out to you via post/email in April of each year. Watch this space for further information!