Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum

Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum


Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars



At Bromesberrow St. Mary’s school our intent for MFL is (as for the whole curriculum) to build knowledge ‘cumulatively’, so that children build on their knowledge of and skills in language learning. We have chosen to teach our children French at Bromesberrow as we believe it is a language synonymous with literary works, cooking, visual arts, dance, fashion, architecture and holidays - all exciting motivators for our children. The Secondary School that most of our children attend offer a French trip abroad for the students in their first couple of years there, again a wonderful incentive and motivator! Our curriculum is built using the Kapow French curriculum. Our aim is for children to build their knowledge as they progress through school, Shining Together and Reaching for the Stars. We chose Kapow as our curriculum resource as it develops children as linguists; developing their language comprehension and production and well as their cultural capital.  Our core drivers for MFL are to ensure children:


  • Develop a lifelong love of language learning and an awareness and appreciation of other cultures
  • Are learning to become confident communicators in French, both in spoken and written forms
  • Develop a strong foundation in language learning, so that they feel motivated and empowered to learn languages (including English) in the future
  • Have opportunities to work in other countries in the future through engagement, commitment and competency in language learning


As a part of our whole school cohesion in the curriculum, we adopt an enquiry focus each term, e.g. being historians, geographers, artists, musicians, linguists... We believe that this creates better connectivity between the subjects, making learning more relevant to the children so that they are inspired to 'reach for the stars' as a school team and personally.