History Curriculum



Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars.


At Bromesberrow, we work hard to broaden our children's understanding of the world in which they live, at a local, national and global level. We want to instil a sense of hope for our world, so that our children, the next generation can Shine Together and Reach for the Stars  to make improvements to support their world. We believe that learning from the past helps to shape and influence our future. We ensure that we provide enrichment through trips and exploit our natural environment wherever possible to foster stronger links and a deeper understanding in context e.g. visits to the Masters House and Painted Room in Ledbury. 


Our Christian Values: Respect, Motivation, Cooperation, Kindness, Pride, Perseverance

These Values are seen as curriculum drivers and learning behaviours to succeed and 'Reach for the Stars'. They were chosen by our church school community, with our church school community and their needs in mind. Our values are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and we use our learning from the Biblical texts to inspire us in our learning, so that we are able the Shine Together and Reach for the Stars with aspiration and Hope . 


As a part of our whole school cohesion in the curriculum we adopt an enquiry focus each term, e.g. being historians, geographers, artists, musicians, linguists... We believe that this creates better connectivity between the subjects, making learning more relevant to the children, so that they are inspired to 'reach for the stars' as a school team and personally.