Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Our Bromesberrow Curriculum




Our Vision: Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars



Using our school values of:  Perseverance, Motivation, Cooperation, Pride, Kindness and Respect to achieve this! Our Values are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and are seen as learning drivers/behaviours to enable children to 'reach for the stars' and achieve their best, shining and succeeding in a culture of togetherness. 


Our School Intent

Children start their learning journey with us at Bromesberrow at age 3 in preschool and they are integrated and part of the school. Our expectation from the off is that 'Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars'  within their learning children will be able to succeed. With a journey in mind, we see learning as cumulative, in the sense that this is built on over the years of children’s lives.  An example of this being in regards to ‘throwing and catching’ in Physical Education:

Preschool: Learn to throw a bean bag and begin to catch this

Early years: Throw and catch a bean bag and begin to explore using different balls (foam and holey)

Year One: Throw and Catch a sponge or holey ball with confidence under arm

Year Two: Throw and catch a ball, varying the distance. Explore throwing over arm

Year Three: Throw and catch different sized balls, under and over arm from different distances, beginning to move to intercept

Year Four: Throw and catch with confidence and accuracy, varying distance and intercepting

Year Five: Throw and catch over greater distances, with increasing accuracy, knowing when to use over arm or under arm

Year 6: Throw and catch over greater distances, judging accurately and skillfully where to aim and place the ball

It is our aim that all children leave us with the key skills and knowledge ready to take on the next chapter of learning in secondary school and flourish and thrive. We are a fully inclusive school and ensure that our curriculum enables children with special educational needs to make strong progress

This is our approach throughout our school and across the curriculum, we aim to build on knowledge so that children’s understanding of learning deepens and broadens as they grow.


Our Curriculum Implementation

We have devised progressive and consistent long term plans, which build on children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. We use vocabulary and key concepts that build as children learn to ensure that they gain the subtle components to the bigger picture. An example of this is in scientific enquiry, where deeper engagement and learning is expected as the children grow, learn and develop.

We encourage our children to question, to be curious through our ‘enquiry based’ approach. We want our children to experience being a musician, an artist or a mathematician. We want them to be immersed and inspired. We want them to be hooked!

Interconnectedness: our curriculum overlaps and interweaves wherever possible, for example, our Guided Reading Approach uses quality texts which are often linked to different subjects to deepen and broaden, to enable children to form connections and embed learning further.


The Impact of our Curriculum

Children who are engaged and active learners. Children who are curious. Children who think for themselves and at a deeper level. Children who are secure, happy and ready for the next stage in learning. This will be seen through:

  • Children’s voices; through them sharing what they know, what they are interested in and what they would like to learn next
  • Children in lesson who are visibly motivated ad engaged, they are active, resilient learners, who preserve in their learning
  • Children who are visibly happy, have respect for themselves and others, kind to others, and able to seek support when it matters
  • Children’s work and what they produce- this will be of a high standard and children will feel pride in this e.g. they will take pride in their developing reading fluency.
  • Children who feel a sense of belonging, who cooperate together to be a part of our Bromesberrow school team