Class 3

Shining Together, We Reach for the Stars 

We have lots of exciting learning experiences coming throughout this term as we begin to learn about the Ancient Egyptians as Historians. Class 3 would like to learn about mummification, the after life and the Gods of Ancient Egypt. We will have opportunities to write in hieroglyphs and link our learning of Egyptians to other times throughout history.  

As writers, we will be using the book Secrets of a Sunking to support our punctuation and grammar knowledge along with inspiring us to write poetry, narratives and newspaper reports. The children are already gripped on the story and eager to start their writing journey's using this book. Our guided reading texts also link to Egypt and provide great conversations and inference. 

Within Maths we will be focusing on Place Value, addition and subtraction and division and multiplication throughout the term. Thinking as mathematicians, we will reason our answers and problem solve throughout.

Materials Matter! As Scientists, we will be focusing our learning on materials; learning about and investigating different types of materials, how material is best used and how changes occur when heated and cooled. 

This term, we will be using our P.S.H.E sessions to learn basic first aid; how we can keep ourselves and others safe, whilst in PE we will be developing our Netball skills through passing, pivoting and working as a team to find success on the court. 

We will be sending spellings home to practise and the children have access to TTRockstars to practise times tables. 

Miss Mison, Mr Delaure and Mrs Green