Class 1

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope


We have started the year learning remotely and know that we are working in partnership with parents to help to support children's continued learning as best we can. We are very much in this together and recognise the enormous pressure parents are under to support home learning when they are still trying to work from home and care for other children. We thank you so much for all of your help and know that you are giving it the very best you can under the circumstances. In recognition and respect for the time and effort you are all putting in, we are allotting a Friday afternoon to wellbeing, where you and your children can 'just be'- no work :)
Just to give a little overview, this term we will be developing reading for pleasure through the stories 'Here we are' and 'The Three Little Pigs. We will be continuing to practise our phonics and will be having daily live sessions to support this. Children in Year 1 will be having a daily live maths session also, to support them in learning key number language and skills in maths. This practise will help them to feel more ready to apply their maths skills when they return to school. Reception children are having live reading sessions also.
In Geography, we will be using our story 'Here we are' to explore the world around us and our local area. Parents we thank you for your support in enabling this to happen.
It is important that you have time to stay physical, so we will be setting PE sessions too and encouraging lots of outdoor play in the garden and exercise out when permitted.