Class 3

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope

Class Three have had a great return after the Easter Holidays and ready for our Summer Term of learning! 
This term we are Historians; looking closely at life as an Ancient Egyptian. We will be exploring what was important to the Egyptians, Tutankhamun, hieroglyphics and Egyptian Gods. Throughout this topic, we will have lots of opportunities for art, making canopic jars and becoming Pharorohs ourselves, and comparing life then to now. 
Linking to our Egyptian theme, our English work will be supported by the book 'Secrets of a Sunking' by Emma Carroll. We will use this book to support our Gramma and Punctuation knowledge but also our comprehension and writing. By the end of this term, we will have written a Newspaper article on mysterious feet, Persuasive letters, Sonnet writing using a Proverb as inspiration and a piece of narrative. 

As Mathematicians, we will be developing our understanding of Fractions, Shape and Measure, Ratio and Algebra, focusing on our fluency within previous years learning, to support our understanding. Our Year 6 children will have the opportunity to take part in an enterprise project in the second half of the Summer Term so keep your eyes peeled! 


As Scientists, we will be expanding our knowledge with Forces. Thinking about air resistance, friction, water resistance, gravity and Newtons role in discovering gravity. Throughout all of these, we will be undertaking a range of investigations of the impact these forces have on different objects. We will then be thinking about what we can do to create a greater impact on forces with the use of pulleys, levers and gears. 


In R.E we are taking the time to really explore and discover the Bible Teaching within the 'Big Fieze' linking to the Big Story of the Bible. We will be looking closely at the key concepts that run throughout the Bible. Linking this to artwork and writing about our understandings and interpretations from what we explore. 


Throughout this term, we are putting great importance on being active and taking care of ourselves physically and mentally; with lots of opportunity to both talk and purposefully play. In P.E we are moving onto athletics and with this, we will be measuring and timing distances to be able to create our own target table using computer software to help us.