Class 3

Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope

Class Three have a new topic this term 'The World Around Us!'

In English, we have been using the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' to support our writing and we are building up to write our own pieces of poetry linked to the journey the main character makes. Our Math's lessons have been focusing on the Four Operations and will continue throughout the term leading us into fractions and decimals. 

Our Geography topic this term is the world around us, and this will be a thread throughout all our learning. Through our writing, we will be mapping journeys around the world and being able to pinpoint different countries, continents and oceans within our world. Developing our understanding of our world and how it is changing e.g. through weathering and erosion. During this learning, we will look at our coastlines and the features of the coast.

In R.E we are moving on to exploring the questions 'Is God holy and loving?' Thinking carefully about the relationship Christians have with God, how Christians worship God and the architecture used to see what Christians believe about God. 

We hand out spellings to practice every Monday and Reading Records are updated and checked every Tuesday. We welcome any topic-based activities being shared with the class, just speak to Miss Mison. Don't forget to log into TTRocksstars or Purple Mash to practice Timestables. 

Miss Mison and Mrs Green.