Reaching for the Stars with Aspiration and Hope.
We have spaces in Pre-School from September 2021.  Please give us a call for more information.
Pre-School are integrated into Class 1, accessing the resources and environment alongside our Reception and Y1 children. We believe in child-led learning and the experienced staff in helping facilitate the best learning opportunities for the children, both inside and outside the classroom. To learn more about our EYFS approach please read our EYFS Curriculum. 
By integrating Pre-School, the children are very comfortable with being in the classroom and this aids a smooth transition into Reception.
We use an online learning Journey, Tapestry, to record the children's learning, which enables parents to see what their child is doing. This continues into Reception.
Uniform is optional but we do find that the children 'want to be like everyone else', so end up wearing a school jumper. 
Pre-School sessions work across the week;  Monday to Friday, 9am -3pm.  We accept children in the September after they have turned three (the year before they start school). We accept 15 hours funded places (you can top up with more hours if you wish) and 30 hours funded places (see to see if you qualify). 
A typical day in Pre-School:
8.45am - 9am - The front (green) gate is open for children to enter the grounds. An adult will be there to meet them and take them into the classroom. The children hang up their coats/bags etc and wash their hands.  We find our name and hang it up and then get ready for our music and movement session with Reception. After that, we have a small group session with one of the adults. We might go on a listening walk or play a game (based around Phonological Awareness).
9.30am - We can now choose what we want to do. There are lots of things to choose from; building, home corner, painting/drawing, playdough/clay or we can play outside. We can help ourselves to snack anytime during the morning and there's always a good choice, including fresh fruit, milk and water. There is a grown-up to help us if we need it. We also wash up our plate and cup afterwards. 
11.30 am - This is a whole class tidy up time and then we come together for yoga and/or a story before lunch. We always go to the toilet and wash our hands before we go to lunch. 
12pm - Lunchtime is in the classroom as we find it's quieter than the school hall.  An adult from Class 1 eats lunch with us. We can have a packed lunch or order a hot meal. Once we've eaten and tidied away we go outside to play. 
1 pm - This is the end of lunchtime for everyone else so we all come together to do the register. Sometimes we might get chosen to take them back to the office. We then have another small group activity.  This is usually a maths based activity, which could be inside or outside.
Then we can choose what we want to do. We get outside as much as we can but we can choose (although your child may need a little help at first to choose what to do). 
2.30pm - This is the end of the day tidy up. We then have a chance to share Tapestry experiences from home (the children love this) or do some singing. 
3pm - We get ready to go home. We collect our coats, bags and lunchboxes and wait to be called to the front door. An adult will be on hand to bring your child to you. 
We always have a very busy day and may not want to talk about what we've done. Hopefully, you'll be able to see some of our day on Tapestry.