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Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure video game series where
players control criminals and wreak havoc in order to complete missions
and progress through the game. During the early stages of the game, it
solely focuses on completing missions to go up a level. However, as the
game grew more popular the makers of GTA decided to introduce a
narrative to each edition of the game. The aim of this was to increase user
engagement, making gamers believe that they were not just playing as
the character, but they became the character. Grand Theft Auto is
accessible on a number of devices including: PlayStation and Xbox,
desktop computers, PSP, Nintendo DS, and Mobile
Fortnite: everything you need to know about the online game

The craze for Fortnite, especially its multiplayer standalone mode Fortnite Battle Royale, has exploded recently especially amongst children. So, what do you need to know about the video-game of the moment? Peter Yates answers the important questions.

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Snapchat latest updates enables users to see exactly where their friends are, so detailed that if you zoom in you can even see the street location.

This obviously raises safety concerns for children who use the app.


Many children tend to import all their random contacts when they set up their Snapchat so unless they or you check their settings it is possible that all these random strangers will now see an accurate location.


As a matter of urgency we would ask all children and parents to check that Snapchat is changed to ‘Ghost mode’ so that location isn’t shared with friends.

Useful Links:

Childnet – Introducing ‘Snap maps’

Childnet – How to Report In Snapchat

UK Safer Internet Centre – Snapchat


How to set Parent Controls


Parental controls are designed to help protect children from inappropriate content they may come across online, such as pornography. These controls can be used to limit access to only age-appropriate content, to set usage times and to monitor activity.

Click on the images below to see information on how to set up parental controls.

Childnet parental Controls